We use money to satisfy a whole matrix of competing needs. So when we get stuck, fall short, or chastise ourselves for making yet another financial mistake, it may be that we’re acting in a way that serves one need (such as avoiding a task we find emotionally overwhelming) but obstructs another (directing money in ways that make us feel safe and competent).

Those are exactly the places we want to dive in and explore. Using a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) framework and drawing upon research from Behavioral Finance, Neuroeconomics, and Mindfulness practice, we’ll examine:

  • How financial situations are experienced in our bodies and brains,
  • How events in our family of origin influence financial attitudes and behavior well into adulthood,
  • How to connect with our own financial values, not what we “should” do or want,
  • How key relationships support or undermine financial well-being,
  • How external factors, resources, and obstacles affect our personal goals.


The coaching process is solution-focused and short-term. We will take a specific problem, decision, or goal that you’re currently facing, and dissect how your approach both serves and limits you. We’ll practice practice healthy new behaviors as we address the substance of your financial challenge. Think of it as simultaneously working on both the What and How.

Services are offered in 50-minute sessions over a secure cloud-based HD video conference platform called Zoom. Zoom even allows for screen sharing, enabling us to jointly review materials, forms, and worksheets in session.



"Artists' financial circumstances can be complex, which is what makes Amanda's deep knowledge and experience working with them in this area so valuable. As an instructor and coach, she offers the clarity and sound advice that can enable artists to make truly transformative changes."

– Kay Takeda
Vice President, Grants & Services
Lower Manhattan Cultural Council

"'Transformative' is the word that best describes Amanda Clayman’s impact as a financial therapist. My husband and I were fortunate to cross paths with Amanda during a particularly challenging time on our journey as professional actors in New York City. We worked with Amanda both privately and as participants in several of her in-depth financial workshops.

From the first session, Amanda expertly and effectively guided us through our beliefs, assumptions and connection to money. Exploring those complexities, in a non-judgmental environment, was key in unblocking our path to sustainable financial security. Not only did her approach give us the tools to succeed, it was balanced with genuine compassion. Amanda’s steady encouragement was invaluable during a sometimes-painful process.

Amanda’s methods absolutely transformed how we saw ourselves and our financial future. My husband and I have met most of the goals set during our work with Amanda. We’re now homeowners, debt-free and financially solvent. Still actors at heart, we continue to use the tools learned in our work with Amanda to ensure we enter into fiscally rewarding opportunities that place value on our creativity. It’s from this place of financial empowerment, that I enthusiastically endorse Amanda and her life-changing work."

– Celia G., client

"I had the sincere pleasure of working with Amanda for several years at The Actors Fund where she ran our Financial Wellness Program (which she also created!) During this time, I was continually amazed by her knowledge and passion for the work. Most of all, I was impressed by her natural talent for facilitating groups and workshops, which she did with confidence and ease, backed up by her expertise in the material. Anyone fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work with Amanda will be more than glad they did. I feel honored to have had that opportunity. She is a rockstar!"

– Allison Abrams LCSW-R
Psychotherapist and Mindfulness Coach 

"Throughout our work together, Amanda was a sensitive and respectful presence that I could rely on. She was exceedingly generous yet also quite grounded in helping me create a framework for looking at my financial picture and its relation to my feelings of stuckness in my personal and work lives. 

Over time, working with Amanda led me to be more honest about the damage that certain kinds of work was doing to my ego. This understanding unfolded in a dialogue with Amanda that helped me see how my feelings were signals that could guide me to make significant life choices AND really be ok with the process of change.

Thanks for helping me move on to higher ground, Amanda!

– Clark J., client 

"It's easy for financial behaviors to go haywire and build into overwhelming burdens when you're preoccupied with creative pursuits. But Amanda Clayman has the tools to transform the seemingly impossible into manageable achievements. She articulates her advice with a language that makes puzzling systems sound much more accessible and simple to tackle. It's beyond a pleasure to refer Creative Capital artists to Amanda and know that their financial troubles will be handled with care and advised with brilliance. Her work saves the financial lives of artists across the country."

– Brittni Collins
Artist Services Manager, Creative Capital




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